Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book of Life Invitation

Travelling around Australia - a collection of life-saving and life-changing stories from people touched by organ and tissue donation.

Share your story in the Book of Life

Share your story and have it included in the Book of Life as a tribute.

Join us for the local launch

When: Tuesday 31st January, 2012, 2pm
Where: Camden Library, 40 John Street, Camden
Contact: Jodie Tomajka on 02 98283612 for more information

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Adventures of Zara: Library Duck

Announcing Zara- our faithful library duck! Zara travels all over the world to places (and in particular, libraries) to bring the world closer to home. Zara is currently in New York with Denise checking out the sites.

Zara at Zara- 34th St, NY

Zara began her journey in London as part of the Chasing Ducks Blog, which sends rubber duckies to anyone who wants one, with one provisio- snap some picks of your duck at its new location and upload them to the chasing ducks blog.

Zara and family at Westminister, London.

With a locator application on the website, this keeps track of everywhere your duck has been. The idea is that you then send the duck on to someone you know, or leave the duck for others to find.

But when Zara came in her cute little box, we knew we couldn't let her go! So we trained Zara in all things library, and now she travels the world with library staff, council staff, library patrons and friends of the library!

Zara tells a story at Narellan Library

So keep track of Zara on her own Chasing Ducks page, or stay tuned for the latest photos and goodies!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYE Resolutions through your library

With the new year ahead, many of us have made a new years resolution. Whether it's learning something new or getting back to something you love, the library has heaps of great resources, programs and collections to get you started.

We've compiled a small list here of common resolutions with links back to library stuff, all free to be accessed by library members.

1. Learn a new language

Get started on Italian, Chinese, Arabic- the sky's the limit! Our collections at Camden and Narellan have a variety of language kits, books, audio cds and more to introduce you to the basics, as well as resources for advanced learners. You can also access BYKI, an online language learning program available through Camden Library's Online Services, featuring a multimedia approach to language learning with games and exercises. Send us a quick email, and we will create an account for you, which can then be accessed at any time via the library website.

2. Read more

Naturally the library is the place to get a hold of (free!) books, but with three monthly discussion groups, there's plenty of opportunity to chat with others about your thoughts and feelings on the latest read. Check out times and books at the library website book discussion page. You can also check out our Camden Reads blogs for book reviews, reading lists, even send us your own to be shared with the world!

3. Learn chess

The game of kings- come down to Narellan library and Camden library to test your scheming skills. Chess sets are lined up at Camden and Narellan on Wednesdays for your playing pleasure. Just turn up and get into it. Staff can provide books on chess if you need to brush up on your rules or check the finer points of the game. Check out the chess club page on the library website for more details. All ages welcome!

4. Learn computers

Get a grip on anything from basic computer skills to internet training, social media classes, word, powerpoint and more. Camden Library service offers a range of computer courses- here's a short list.

1. Our online course 'Learn Computing' which can be completed at home or in the library.

2. Computer tutors- free one-on-one training from our volunteers on Thursdays. Call 4645 5039 to book.

3. TAFE computer courses run at Narellan and Camden covering computer basics such as Microsoft Word. Contact the library for more details as this course runs every term.

4. Internet training- run monthly by our library technicians. Call 4645 5039 to book.

5. Lose weight/ get healthy.

Instead of stepping into your local bookshop and spending hundreds on how-to manuals, health guides or the latest health magazine- why not just get them from your library? This means you can experiment with different techniques and methods and take your time in finding something right for you. At Narellan, the health collection is actually sectioned off near the information desk for your perusal. At Camden, just look for the apple sticker on the spines of books to find health related titles (Check out 612 onwards in non-fiction- they are all together!).

6. Join a group

Camden Library maintains an online community directory listed with over 400 community groups and activities. From knitting to metalwork, to volunteering, rotary and sports groups, check it out now and get stuck into something new!

7. Study (You know, actual study- not procrastinating).

Get on top of your studies- before they get on top of you! Study skills are an often undervalued element of working effectively at your subjects. Stop bad habits and gain helpful skills to retain information, increase your academic performance and improve critical reasoning. Send an email to the youth librarian to get a password for the Study Skills Handbook- an online resource with tonnes of modules on essential study skills- all free for library members.