Friday, February 4, 2011

Recap: Nathaniel Oliveri InConcert

Did you miss the Nathaniel Oliveri concert last weekend @ Camden Library? All accounts say the event was electic, with over 100 people crammed into the library. Nathaniel played out twelve of his songs, the concert lasting for an hour. Young and old turned up Oliveri's meticulous string work and generous musicality.

This concert was recorded for his new CD, and was also recorded for DVD.

The concert begun with an enervated intro from C91.3's Captain Pap, detailing Nathaniel's life and musical career leading up to the present. He even spoke of his early school life in Camden! At 21 years, Nathaniel has grown into an extraodinarily talented guitarist with broad experience in bands, as a soloist, in classical reportoire and original compositions, and in numerous festivals and competitions.

Listen out for him on radio, or supporting top talent such as Maria Schneider or The Angels. It was Camden Library's utmost delight to have him, and continues to take pride in providing a forum for local talent to present to members of the community. The InConcert program began in 2006, and is held on the last Saturday of every month. Stay tuned for next month!


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