Monday, August 8, 2011

A wonderful note from one of our new knitters

This month has been a knitting extravaganza! From the cosy competition and the knit-in, to the winder CWA knitting display in the Narellan cabinets, to our regular Click, Clack n Yak groups, we'd thought we would top it off with this gorgeous letter. Found pinned to a group of dropped off squares was this hand-written memo:

Dear knitters,

I hope these squares can be used for the Wrapped with Love project. These squares represent the first kntting I have ever done. I promised myself I was not allowed to attempt another project until I could complete one square without errors!

Some of them are rather rough but I figure a blanket with a few flaws is better than no blanket at all.



Jennifer was being modest, of course. Her squares were great!

Every donation of squares helps. Last year a number of them went to help the newly homeless and distraught in Japan.


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