Thursday, September 15, 2011

Student Lock-In

Student Lock-In


Friday October 14


Narellan Library

Need some quiet space to study? Need some help? Just need to get out of the house? Camden Council Library Service will be holding a Student Lock-In on Friday the 14th October at Narellan Library from 5.15pm-10.30 pm. The lock-in will give HSC students the opportunity to use the library collections and consult with tutors via the Yourtutor online service. The Lock-in will provide space for silent and group study as well as providing a chillout zone if students just need to take a break. Take advantage of our HSC and subject collections, as well as a video seminar from HSC expert Rowan Kunz and online databases through our computer hub.

The Student Lock-In is FREE! (students may want to bring $5 for pizza).

Access to computers is free whether students wish to use our computers, or bring their laptop and take advantage of our WIFI access.

Bookings can be made online, in person at either library, or on the phone by calling (02) 4645 5039.


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