Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips for the Teenage Tightrope Seminar

Helping young people negotiate the ups and downs of adolescence.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back and keep going in the face if adversity.

Resilient young people:

  • develop a positive sense of self and their identity.

  • persist when facing challenges

  • have a strong support base around them

  • cope better with peer pressure

  • are optimistic

  • do better at school

This session will explain some of the resources and coping skills that helf teenageers grow into terrific young men and women. It will provide practical tools and strategies to assist and nurture that development.

Date & Time: Monday 29th August, 6-8pm

Location: Iron Bark Meeting Room, Narellan Library Building, Cnr Queen & Elyard Sts, Narellan

Enquiries: kim.white@camden.nsw.gov.au

BOOK ONLINE: https://tipsforteenagetightrope.eventarc.com/event/view/4333/tips-for-teenage-tightrope

About the Presenter

Christina is a psychologist with a Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology. She grew up in Asia and went to international schools, providing her with a culturally diverse perspective in her practice of psychology. Christina has extensive experience counselling children and adolescents in both school-based and clinical settings.


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